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Facebook and Seaworld

Facebook is scrambled! All the people and apps that I blocked are back. I can't bring up any old posts. So, hey, I haven't posted to LJ for a while. What do I have to say? Facebook is scrambled!

I just hope that Ron and Derrick are having fun. They went to SeaWorld and it's a very nice day to go. It cooled off quite a bit last night and it's sunny (big shocker there). They should also get to see some of the Blue Angels. The Mira Mar Air Show is going on not very far from them. I'm sure that they will get buzzed several times during the day.

Now I need to log off and get back to my chores.
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What in the world did I do?!?

Yeah, I already posted to FB a little while ago that I bought a new car. The shock hasn't lessened at all. Tomorrow I will go outside and my I'll say "Oh look how cute." and then I'll remember that now I have to make car payments again.
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Special days

Happy birthday to my husband Ron. Hugs and Kisses. Happy birthday to Kevin Standlee and Eileen Dusek. Happy anniversary to Bill and Gretchen Roper. It's a special day!
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cars, sleep and "Simpsons"

Yeah! I've got my car back after EZ Lube broke something while trying to do oil change and engine flush. The replacement part had to be driven down from LA. Talked with the manager for a while who was really apologetic. Of course part of the problem was having had the work done on a Sunday. The manager gave me a much bigger discount on the car work and a gift cert. good for my next oil change to be free. Still need to get the other work done on it though. Still haven't heard from Saturn.

Ron dropped me off at the Panera Bread that was closest to the oil change place so they could pick me up easily. There I could go online, read in a comfy chair and get something yummy to drink. Settled for something un-caffeinated so that I could sleep when I got home - however, I found myself falling asleep several times while reading. Didn't get home until 1pm. (That was after having gone into work at midnight.) I crashed so hard when I got home. I think I would have kept sleeping if it hadn't been for the dog "going off" around 4:30pm.

Now I'm doing some laundry as prep for WesterCon. Looking forward to staying with my cousin Matt and his roomie Matt. Also I'm enjoying a rerun of "Simpsons" with Mr. Burns outsourcing the nuclear plant to India, Selma and Thelma kidnapping Harry Dean Anderson and the Bollywood ending. Favorite quote from Lisa to Homer: "Gee Dad, you're the first person to outsource the American workers sense of entitlement." tee hee

Really feeling better now - but I do need to go back to bed again. Gotta be to work a 4am.
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really, it's just vertigo

After Disney's California Adventure and the vertigo that followed I was just beginning to get over it when I went with Derrick to SeaWorld. Vertigo came raging back and it can be said that it is much worse when I'm tired. Between the trip to and from Chicago, Duckon and a few days of starting work at 3am I am zonked. Needless to say my vertigo is so bad that walking to and from the cafeteria I trace my fingertips against the walls to help me feel "anchored". I can use the stairs going down because I hold onto both rails on either side of the stairwell - once I'm carrying food though I take the elevator.

Still, I warn people that I'm not really drunk when they look at me funny - I am walking on a bouncing trampoline after all. At least I don't get nauseated.

Now, if we could just get someone to buy our house....
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Derrick and I went to SeaWorld yesterday. It was supposed to be a field trip with his class, but as it turned out it was canceled unless you already had tickets and you were allowed to go with whoever would take you. That was me. We really enjoyed the sea lion and otter show as it spoofed favorite TV shows such as "American Idol", "CSI", "Iron Chef" and as they called it "Dancing with the Pinnipeds".

We were not at all impressed with the Cirque de Soliel type show called "Cirque de le Mer". One of my coworkers said that since the water is still pretty cold - it is done in the bay - that they probably have to shorten things up and curtail some of the normal water acrobatics.

Since it was a cooler day we waited until later in the day to get wet. Shipwreck Rapids was a bit anticlimactic as I waited for one big soaking plunge, and the tractor belt we went up only led to the end of the ride. sigh I also noticed that Seaworld isn't nearly as efficient as Disney and many other parks for loading and unloading riders - it took way too long to get riders in and out of the rafts and so they had to keep stopping the ride to catch up.

Then we headed over to "Journey to Atlantis" - after all we were already wet - and found the ride closed down. Derrick was very disappointed until the ride suddenly reopened. This ride was a combination of a big plunge super soaker, elevator ride the top and then roller coaster. Derrick was even more angry after - he hated it. I thought it was fun, but kiddo though it was too intense. After we stopped to look at the photos that they take of you on the ride - I didn't know Derrick's mouth could open that wide - he was screaming so hard!

Really, the only bad thing about the day was the cold hamburger that I got for lunch. Later that evening I didn't feel good. In fact my stomach kept me up most of the night when I had to be at work at 4am. grrr Otherwise a fun day.
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